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Tax Enquiries

HM Revenue and Customs may open a tax enquiry for a number of reasons including:

  • To review an irregularity in a tax return such as employment income which differs to their employer’s records
  • To review a number of unusual entries such as substantially increased income and/or expenses.
  • To query the technical treatment applied to certain entries.
  • The individual/company is simply selected at random.

Formal procedures must be followed by HM Revenue and Customs to open an enquiry into an individual’s or a company’s tax return and, as part of these, the officer dealing with the enquiry will specify the areas of the returns being reviewed and detail their initial queries.

It is important to consider the information required and address the various queries carefully and therefore professional assistance should be sought.  Freestone Jacobs have extensive experience in dealing with enquiries large and small and closing these with the lowest possible tax adjustments (if any at all).

For more information please contact us.

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