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Family Company

The issue A father was the sole shareholder of a successful trading company and wished to take a back seat leading up to his retirement so that his children could take over the running of the business. He did not…

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HMRC Disclosure

The issue A landlord owned a large rental property portfolio but had not completed a personal tax return for a number of years. They were previously unaware of their obligations and so were concerned (quite rightly) that they would be…

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Succession Planning

The issue Two longstanding shareholders/directors wished to take a step back from their business and provide their management team with an opportunity to take over the company. The company had traded successfully for a number of years and had an…

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Company Sale

The issue A group of shareholders had accepted an offer to sell their company to a third party buyer. They wished to sell their shares in order to benefit from entrepreneurs relief and hence incur a maximum capital gains tax…

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